Getting the right bedroom Feng Shui tips will definitely help improve your overall mental and emotional health. Your bedroom will become a place that provides a comfortable and stress-free environment if you get it right. It will be your sanctuary from all the strains of work and life commitments. Such a setting will also improve relationships, career and will bring a good fortune.

How to start? The whole idea about Feng Shui is visualising the energy flow. Imagine energy as water which flows through your bedroom. Does it run smoothly or are there any obstacles?

Create a path through your bedroom. Place your furniture and accessories in such a way that it would create a natural flow around the room.

Lighting it up

Create as much natural light as you can. Feng shui encourages a bright, pleasant environment. If you feel like light from the windows is not enough, consider using artificial light. Lighten up dark corners and other areas by adding lamps and spotlights. You can also use mirrors to reflect light where it is needed.

Black Pendant Ceiling Lights
Pair of black pendant ceiling lights helps brighten the room more


Black Gold Vintage Pendant Lights
Black pendant lights with gold interior which comes in pair


Plants are essential

Healthy chi in your bedroom is very important. Adding plants improve chi as plants represent life force, absorbs any negativity and improves mood.

It is ideal to choose the right sized plants according to the size of your room. Generally, small plants are always a good choice however, if your room is a bit more spacious, leafy robust plants are alright. Just remember to be careful not to clutter the room with plants too much.

6 bedroom Feng Shui tips that will make a difference 1

Artificial Bamboo Tree
110cm Artificial Bamboo Tree, great for high ceiling rooms
Indoor House Plants Collection
Small house plants collection is good to populate a small space

Positive energy

This is one of the easiest and cheapest bedroom Feng Shui tips ever! Firstly, it is completely free! Yes it doesn’t cost anything and all you need to do is go to a river and get some round and flat stones. The sizes and how the stones look is completely up to you. Once you have a bunch of these zen stones selected, choose a nice, quiet and undisturbed part of your room. Balance the stones on top of each other resembling a creation of balance in your life and it will also attract good energy.

Piling stones is a good practice to calm yourself and helps your concentration and improves focus. Aside from the mentioned benefits, these stones are also perfect display that can go on a table corner, on top of your dresser, on the floor, or virtually anywhere you please.

If you have no access to rivers or anywhere with decent, smooth, flat stones, you can simply purchase affordable stones for your own convenience.

6 bedroom Feng Shui tips that will make a difference 2

Flat Smooth Colourful Stones
These flat, colorful stones are just the right ones for piling

Spacious and bright

Energy flows freely in a spacious, well-lit bedroom. If your room is not as bright and big as you want it to be, don’t worry, there is a simple fix to that.

Mirrors will help brighten up the room and create the space that you need. If you feel like a corner looks particularly dull, hanging up a mirror to that wall is a great idea. Aside from being an essential everyday tool, mirrors can also bring Feng Shui positivity to the room.

Round Glass Wall Mirror
Mirrors with shine element is a nice source of light

6 bedroom Feng Shui tips that will make a difference 3

Crucial elements

Feng Shui have five elements that needs to be balanced to create a harmonious environment. These five are water, fire, metal, earth and wood.

There are various bedroom features that can contribute to complete these elements however, it is believed that a Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp or candle holder rounds up all five. Just make sure that these lamp or holder have a wooden base to complete the wood element.

6 bedroom Feng Shui tips that will make a difference 4

Himalayan Salt Lights
These small salt lights are lovely alternative for tight corners and table tops


Clean and tidy

Any living space should be clean and free of clutter which is also paramount to Feng Shui. A pleasantly organised bedroom keeps a clear, healthy mind, free of stress.

No matter what size your bedroom is, smart organisers are top picks. Keep your shelves low, don’t make your room feel top-heavy or closed in. Choose good sized drawers, dressers or any organisers that serve a good purpose for keeping your bedroom nice and tidy.

Living Room Wooden Organiser


Hope you enjoyed all these bedroom Feng Shui tips. Don’t be overwhelmed and keep in mind that the main thing about Feng Shui is creating a space that brings comfort, clarity, positivity and happiness.

Done with your bedroom? Let’s move to the living room! We have gorgeous living room metallic accessories that will surely ramp up the room!

6 bedroom Feng Shui tips that will make a difference 5


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