Who doesn’t love a fairytale inspired nursery? Fairytales introduce a world of happiness, wonderful surprises, where dreams come true.

Your fairytale inspired nursery doesn’t have to be all neon pink, glittery, cheesy or over-the-top. We have collated these modern, tasteful, quality decors for you to choose from. Whether you are having a boy or a girl, we’ve got 10 fairytale themed decors to match your magical room.

1. Start with a Picturesque Wall Art

If you are undecided on what to do with the nursery wall, why not choose a wall art that perfectly fits your theme? It is great for plainly painted walls or those without any wallpaper. Wall arts are perfect semi-temporary solution which you can always change as the little one grows up or as often as you wish!

Our pick is this beautiful scene of a tree with butterflies all around and bunnies underneath. Made of premium vinyl, these stickers will certainly last long. They can be positioned in various ways. It is also fully customisable with your baby’s name and choice of colours for every element from the tree itself to its leaves, the butterflies and bunnies, and your baby’s name. You can also choose whether you wish to have the design mirrored or not.

Wall Sticker Fairytale Inspired Nursery
Wall sticker works well with any colours
Fairytale Inspired Nursery Wall Decal for Boys
Colours of the elements are customisable

2. Look up! Be sure to have the Right Lights…

Instead of having the usual boring lights, why not change it up to something that matches the dreamy world you are creating?

We recommend this cloud ceiling light that comes in white, blue or pink borders. It can surely fit any room size or style especially your fairytale inspired nursery. Best feature of this cloud light is the dimmable option which you can easily adjust with a remote controller.

Dimmable Cloud Lights
The lights are dimmable which serves any purpose

3. Create a Safe, Mystical Place

Sometimes, all it takes to build a creative and magical world for your little one is to add the right decors. We have selected an accessory that doesn’t only enhance your fairytale inspired nursery but also provides feeling of safety and acts as protector as well.

Baby canopies are perfect accessory to create a wonderful fairytale world. Pick a spot, add this accessory and it can easily transform into a nice place your little one can call their own.

We chose this multi-purpose unisex baby canopy which really is a touch of fantasy. It can be used as a teepee play area, as a protective net on the cot, or simply just a nice decor. There’s no surprise that these baby canopy nets are on trend.

Baby Canopy Curtain
Baby Canopy Curtain

Bed Tent Fairytale Inspired Nursery

4. Something Classy for the Windows

Cartoon or animal printed curtains is the usual pick for nurseries. Why not try something different? How about an elegant, quality made curtains?

We found these gorgeous curtains with lovely colours including greyish white, navy blue and light pink as pictured below. The curtains have subtle silver streaks design that adds to its elegance. They are simple yet effective as they will not overwhelm your fairytale theme. Sometimes less is more!

These are no ordinary curtains. They are block, thermal curtains that are perfect to keep your little one warm and cosy plus keeps the sunlight out during day naps.

Thermal Blackout Curtains Fairytale Inspired Nursery
White is a unisex choice that goes well with any colour theme
Light Pink Silver Patterned Block Curtains for Fairytale Inspired Nursery
Pink curtains for your little princess!
Navy Blue Insulated Block Curtain
Blue for the little prince!

5. Keeping it Nice and Organised

Maintaining a tidy nursery can be a nightmare! Choosing the right organisers is definitely a good start. Aside from the usual wardrobes and draws, using other spaces such as the wall is quite clever and creative.

We suggest using these adorable cloud shelves. Simple and minimalistic but perfectly fits your fairytale inspired nursery. These sturdy built clouds are not just cute on your wall but also very functional. These clouds come in threes; two different sized storages plus a convenient coat hanger cloud. Easy access storage to keep it all nice and tidy!

Nursery Cloud Floating Shelf
The shelves are great storage for small and light items
White Floating Cloud Shelves
Three different sized shelves for various purposes

So that’s our 5 top picks for your nursery. Nothing fancy but for a nice little budget, these choices will surely create a very tasteful and magical fairytale inspired nursery for your prince/princess.

On a budget but still want a gorgeous finish? Check our cheap bathroom ideas, might be right up your street!

5 Magical Accessories for your Fairytale Inspired Nursery 1


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