Treadmill desks are amazing way to make your workspace little bit more active. Increasingly more people are working from home and mostly in a sedentary position. Therefore it is very important to keep yourself active by using a walking pad while doing work.

Walking is the most underrated exercise according to NBC news . You will feel your blood pumping as your lungs and heart work harder. Walking using a walking desk will make your heart stronger.

We have spent time researching and comparing many walking desk treadmills that are available on the market today. Good news are they are more affordable than you might think. They range between £300- £800 on the mid-level and up to £1800 top range. To have full treadmill desk you need a walking pad and a standing desk. You can buy a complete set offered by Lifespan that costs up to £1800 or you can build your own for under £500 quid. 

Treadmill workstation benefits

  • Walking desk helps weight loss
  • Helps to be more productive
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces risk of getting Diabetes
  • Lowers blood pressure

Hand picked under desk treadmills

Which office treadmill to pick? There is a vast amount of them available. The ones that cost a lot are not necessarily the best ones. So we will investigate which walking exercise machine to choose from. 

WalkSlim 670 Mini Walk Treadmill

walkslim 670 mini walk

Everyone is trying to achieve the 10,000 steps a day target for good of their health. With workplaces becoming more sedentary and our increased screen time, we are all sitting down more than ever. The Mini Walk makes it easier than ever to keep on top of your fitness. Walk whilst you are working or watching T.V from the comfort of your office or home. It is the thinnest, lightest and quietest walking treadmill on the market, and can easily slide under your desk as it does not have a handle.

The Mini Walk is not only great to look at, it’s smart too!

Featuring intelligent infrared speed control using human body infrared induction, the Mini Walk tracks the position of your feet and adjusts the speed automatically (without using remote control) according to your desired speed by using the slow down or speed up areas on the walking belt.

The middle walking area is a constant speed, keeping you safe and secure during your workout


  • LED Screen
  • Calorie Counter
  • Streamline design
  • Worlds thinnest, lightest platform
  • Aluminium alloy frame, no welding
  • Silent motor, dual – turbine drive
  • Super shock absorption system
  • Speed Range from 0.8-6 KM/H
  • Maximum User Weight 100kg
  • 3 Year Warranty
Dimensions: L: 145cm  –  W: 62cm  –  H: 9cm Weight: 25kg
Pros: + Silent motor
+ Ultra thin design
+ Max user weight 100kg
+ LED screen
+ 3 Years Warranty
Cons: – Intelligent speed control
Now Only:


CHIYA silent walking treadmill

chiya compact walking treadmill


  • Smart Digital Treadmill
  • Low Speed Cardio Training for Walking Jogging
  • Next-Generation Low-Profile Style with Hassle-Free Operation
  • Keeps Track of Speed, Time, Step Count, Distance, Calories Burned
  • Compact Form-Fitting Design for Any Room in the House
  • Adjustable Treadmill Speed Settings
  • Used for Walking, Jogging, Running Exercise Training
  • Perfect for Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Fitness, Endurance Stamina Building

This fully functional treadmill is ideal for walkers or casual runners who want to significantly improve their health.

Product name: Smart treadmill
Running belt area: 380×1000mm
Product net weight: 17kg
Peak load bearing: 100kg

Dimensions: L:  –  W:   –  Height: – Weight:17Kg

+ Silent
+ Light
+ Thin
+ Keeps the record of calories and steps

A great deal:

Klarfit walking pad

klarfit under desk treadmill

  • POWERFUL: Make even more out of your working time: the Klarfit Workspace Go LIght treadmill gives you an effective way to train at work or in the home office. With a power for 350 watts, you can do something for your health during your working day.
  • YOUR FITNESS LEVEL: With an adjustable speed between 0.8 and 6 km / h, you can limit the speed to a reasonable effort level to ensure maximum safety by running slowly in your office. The device’s anti-slip surface also supports safe training.
  • SPACE SAVING: With its ultra-slim design, a height of 11 cm and a light weight of only 25 kg, the Klarfit Workspace Go Light treadmill can be conveniently stored to save space and can also be easily transported to wherever you want to train.
  • EASY TRAINING: The clear display shows distance traveled, time elapsed and calories burned, which facilitates keeping track of your training goals. The practical remote control makes it easy for you to operate the device as you exercise.
  • Please be advised that this device comes with a licensed EU to UK converter plug attached. Therefore, we will open the package and pre-install it for your convenience prior to shipping.
Dimensions: L: 140cm  –  W: 62cm  –  H: 11cm – Weight 28kg
Pros: + Weight limit 120kg
+ Ultra slim design
+ Energy efficient
Cons: – Simple LED screen
A great deal:

Confidence fitness under desk treadmill

confidence under desk treadmill


  • V2 MODEL – Reliability and durability improvements
  • LARGE LCD DISPLAYS – See your key stats at a glance, including speed, distance, time and calories
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Remote control allows you to adjust the speed, change program or mode
  • SPEEDS – 1kmph to 6kmph, from a very gentle stroll to a brisk walk/slow jog
  • STRONG AND RELIABLE – Sturdy steel frame. Reliable motor backed by 1 year warranty
Dimensions: L: 150cm  –  W: 58cm  –  Height: 11.5cm Weight: 24kg

+ Reliable and durable
+ Max weight 100kgs / 15 stones
+ Alloy steel frame
+ 1 Year warranty

Cons: – LCD screen
– Simple design and controls
A great deal:

Deskfit treadmill for desk



Available in 3 colours with custom App to measure distance and calories burnt.

Whoever believes that work and movement do not combine, is strongly mistaken. Because with the DFT200, these two worlds come together perfectly. Leave your office chair behind, because sitting too much during the day can make you seriously ill. Movement, on the other hand, improves endurance, blood circulation in the brain and therefore concentration and keeps you fit and healthy. So..: Get up. Get up. Running. Go.

  • Compatible with application
  • Holder for tablets
  • Practical feet
  • Wall mounting
  • Maximum speed: 7.1 km/h
  • Simplistic and modern design
  • Remote control
  • Optional handles
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg
Dimensions: L: 137cm  –  W: 65cm  –  H: 27cm Weight: 28kg

+ Custom built App
+ 3 colour choices
+ Unique design
+ German design
+ Top speed 7.1km/h

Cons: – A bit more expensive than other options

CITYSPORTS walking treadmill

citysports walking desk treadmill

Speed control – With speeds ranging from 1 – 6 km / h, the treadmill allows you to adjust the speed by remote control according to your physical condition and your exercise needs. You could easily read some important data like speed, calories expended, number of steps taken, time, and distance traveled.

Speaker – Increase the intensity and boost your motivation with your favorite music! Our integrated Bluetooth speakers connect to any Bluetooth device in seconds. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can relax well during your workouts to lose weight.

The child lock function – can prevent children from malfunctioning. The child lock will be activated automatically after start-up. It can only be unlocked by the remote control by long-pressing the speed button -.

Lubrication – The walking machine has been pre-lubricated before leaving the factory. For product life and performance, lubricating oil should be added according to the machine prompt. Each time the cumulative mileage of the walking machine reaches 100 km, the display screen displays a refueling display in red.

Portable – ultra-thin Walking machine is easy to store and saves space in your home thanks to the transport wheels. This treadmill is perfect for the office and home. The motor and the silent belt allow you to exercise without disturbing your colleagues or family.

Dimensions: L: 134cm  –  W: 59cm  –  H: 12.5cm Weight 24kg
Pros: + Max weight 110kg
Cons: – Need to lubricate with silicone oil
– Consumes more power 440W
Don’t miss out


Flat treadmills home walking machine

Hand Picked Treadmill Desks For Working in 2020 1


This is a mini Walking machine that is perfect for women, students, the elderly and office workers.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, or if you can’t exercise due to bad weather, this walking machine is your best choice. You can use it to walk or jog, this treadmill is the ideal tool for weight loss or exercise.
➤Product Name: Home walking machine
➤Material: high-density fiberboard and steel
➤ Color: Pink
➤ Speed: 1-6KM/H
➤ Maximum load: 100kg
➤ Rated voltage: 220V
➤ Suitable for: family, office, dormitory, etc.
➤ Features: foldable, space-saving design, Mute, comfortable cushioning, Energy saving
➤ Package contents: walking machine x1, power cord x1, remote control x1,
➤ If you do not like this style, then you can find other styles in the store
➤ Please note:

Dimensions: L: 140cm  –  W: 50cm  –  Height: 14.5cm Weight: 26kg
Pros: + Maximum load 100kg
+ Energy saving

– Costs around £700
– 1 colour pink

Good value:

Walkdesk WTD600 commercial treadmill desk

Walkdesk WTD600 Commercial Treadmill Desk

The Evocardio Walkdesk is built solely for use in the office. With a top speed of only 4km/h, a perfectly tuned drive train and a 3hp 4000RPM DC engine at the core, we’ve added a winner to our product range. We’ve replaced the cheaper melamine or phenolic deck materials used by our competitors with a 2.5 cm thick Bakelite deck. We’ve added guides to keep the walking belt from scraping the side rails and by shortening the deck we’ve gained precious office floor space. A cooling fan keeps the motor temperatures under control even if the treadmill is under round-the-clock use, but made it so silent you can’t even tell it’s running. Since no one will ever run or even walk briskly on a Walkdesk WTB500, we shortened the deck in order to gain back precious floor space that other units steal away. We even lowered the treadmill deck to maximize desk stability and minimize obstruction.

  • The First Treadmill Designed From The Ground Up For The Office, Not The Gym
  • Shortened and Lowered Treadmill Deck. Quiet and Powerful – 3.0 HP DC Motor
Dimensions: L: 171cm  –  D: 72cm  –  H: 24cm

+ Commercial warranty 10h daily use
+ Maintenance Free
+ Max weight 150kg

Cons: – Takes up more space
– Costs a lot more
Great price:

Which standing desk should you choose?

We have prepared a list of stand up desks that will go well with your chosen walking pad.

Ergoneer Ergonomic sit and stand desk.

ergoneer stand up desk

ERGOREMEDY PRODUCTS will change the way you work! This height-adjustable desk sits on top of your existing desk and allows you to work comfortably from either a sitting or standing position. It presents an ultra easy standing desk solution, which quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. Simply place this desk on your table, stand up to work by lift it up with easy squeeze lever, and apply little force to push towards Forward-down direction with both side squeeze lever as well! The two-tiered design with separate Retractable keyboard/mouse deck gives you plenty of room for basics and accessories with the added convenience of never having to move any components when raising or lowering your Sit-stand Desk. Improve your health, energy and productivity with Ergoneer Sit-stand Desk!

  • Two Colour Options – Black colour counterpart ASIN is: B015E70EV8, searchable in store.
  • Retractable Keyboard Tray – Two-tier design with 68cm wide retractable lower keyboard deck extends and retracts along rails. Maximum load limit to lift tabletop with monitor on it, is 15 kg.
  • Adjust to Any Heights – Squeeze levers allow to adjust at any desired height without increment. This Z-Frame model adjustable range 12 – 43.9 cm above your desktop.
  • Gas Piston System – Gas spring assist for most effective raising and lowering activities. Unique curved grip side handles for maximised comfort.
  • Extended Keyboard Deck – 68 CM spacious retractable keyboard tray easily allows both standard size keyboard and mouse pad stay together on deck. Edges of both tabletop and keyboard tray are 12cm thick, with beveled design.

Material is of premium tan leather.

Dimensions: L: 81cm  –  W: 81cm  –  Height:15cm Weight: 11kg
Pros: + Gas piston system for raising and lowering
+ Multiple colour options
Cons: – Can’t think of any
Ok deal:

Yo-Yo Desk PRO2 height adjustable standing desk

Hand Picked Treadmill Desks For Working in 2020 2


  • Powered by Dual Motors offers unbeatable value for money
  • Robust and stable: reinforced steel frame and feet
  • Lift capacity of 100kg: smooth & silent
  • Energy efficient: switched mode power supply
  • Digital display with 3 memory settings
  • 4 models: PRO 2, PRO2+, PRO3 and PRO3+
  • Extendable frame to fit multiple widths
  • Possible to retrofit to existing desktop. Or choose from 10 desktop colours
Dimensions: L: 155cm  –  W: 58cm  –  Height: 127cm
Pros: + Durable and reliable
+ Multiple colours
+ Well established company
+ Powered by dual motors
Cons: – Price
Value for money:


Sit stand desk mount Duronic

sit stand desk mount


  • SIT OR STAND WHILE YOU WORK: Sit-stand desks are a popular solution to those who want to add variety to the way they work. The DM1K1X2 transforms a standard desktop into a comfortable workstation. It is fully adjustable and allows the user to work either sitting or standing.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE DESK RISER: A flexible option for those who want to interchange between sitting and standing – this desk is an ideal solution. It has a gas-powered arm that allows smooth easy height adjustment of the whole unit. It features a generously sized adjustable keyboard tray that can hold both keyboards with mouse comfortably and can be folded vertically when not in use.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Studies show that working while standing is much more beneficial for you than sitting. By standing more during your working day you can improve your health and wellbeing; you’ll have more energy, better circulation, improved muscle tone, and even burn calories! Above all, using a workstation like this improves your posture so you can say goodbye to disk-related neck or back pain. At work, you will perform better, be more productive, have improved focus and concentration.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installation is easy and done without the need for tools. The clamp will fit onto a desk by tightening the clamp screws down to secure it in place. Rubber feet are on the base of the stand which adds extra security to the fitting ensuring it will not move from the place it’s fitted. The height of the screen can be adjusted independently, and the screen head can rotate 360° enabling the screen to be used vertically. The arm has integrated cable management for a tidy set up.
  • FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Holds two screens. The mounts are VESA 100/75 standard which will fit any screen bracket with screw holes with a distance of 7.5 or 10cm. This bracket will hold screens from 13″ to 24″, has an 8kg capacity and can tilt +15°/-15°. Can be fitted to a desk or onto a wall with the fittings provided.
Dimensions: L: 14cm  –  W: 31cm  –  Height: 73cm
Pros: + Gas Powered
+ Easy installation
Cons: – 
Value for money:




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