esearching double storey extension cost can be quite a daunting task. There is no straight answer available anywhere. Understandably, it varies depending on several factors. We’ll provide you with the closest estimates so worry not!

Why do it in the first place?

Double storey extensions are often efficient, valuable additions to the house. If your aim is to make more space, a properly made double storey extension makes more sense than leaving your home. An extension is an economical option if you have thoughtfully planned the advancement of your house. They can also solve interior issues that are not suited to modern life — an absence of toilet(s) that match downstairs chambers, a design that provides terrible connections to the garden, clenched kitchen, or closed-off spaces that would prefer more open-plan arrangements.

The useful double-storey extension is crucial for creating new spaces which is fully integrated into your house. The primary spaces of your home should be available both from an open-plan arrangement and from the central room or the traffic area. 

It is a price-efficient alternative which introduces something new to the home. A double storey extension allows you to change the sight and atmosphere of your back and downstairs in more rectangular, normal fashion as opposed to a single storey expansion. It is the most straightforward route to increase the living space and incorporate an additional bedroom for a small housing and for increasing households.

Double Storey Extension Cost

Labour and construction costs differ across the UK – the design, construction specifications, materials you choose and other preferences will determine the final cost. As a guide to building a standard double extension, the final construction cost is about £1,320 to £1,620 per square meter. It goes from £1,620 to £1,860 for good quality and £1,860 to £2,100 for excellent quality.

How much does a double storey extension cost? 1

You can expect to pay up to £53,000 for build cost alone with a standard 4m x 5m footprint (so 40m square on both floors). It does, however, cost more in some parts of the country, such as London, in professional fees and VAT or cost for interior fitting.

Total Double Storey Extension Cost

To be on a safe side, it is worth budgeting at least £70,000-80,000 for a standard double storey extension with a footprint of 4m x 5m.  Note that this excludes the cost of interior fit-out as it has too many variables to influence.

How much does a double storey extension cost? 2

Cutting Double Storey Extension Cost

If you have the time and good DIY knowledge, you can reduce extension costs by doing some work yourself. There are considerable savings to be made with well done DIY. However, if you take too much work yourself, it can be a false economy. There are sites like www.homebuilding.co.uk that provides lots of information.  

The construction of a double-storey extension is an important project that only the most competent DIYers or builders with a broad range of expertise and professionalism should deal with. You should also consider bringing electrics and plumbing specialists. Technically, gas installation is the only part of a project you can’t do on a DIY basis. Still, you’ll probably need help at several different phases in a large scale extension. See this article on how to find and hire a builder.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t hesitate to seek opinions of appropriate professionals. Don’t just dive into it when unsure especially if the budget and time is limited.

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How much does a double storey extension cost? 3


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