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11 Amazing grey living room ideas to inspire you



ooking for grey living room ideas? We’ve got some brilliant ideas that will spark your inspiration. You will grow to love cool-toned greys because it perfectly goes with minimal interior designs. If you feel that your room will feel too cool, why not add some features that will warm it up. Anyway without further ado see ideas below.

1. Choose grey tones that pleases you

Choose a base color that is not too dark; otherwise, the room will look dull. Have a grey living room wallpaper, but make sure it is either mono color or with a simple geometric pattern. Rest assured your grey living room walls will thank you for it.

Or if you are not a fan of wallpaper, you should go for grey paint tones that will inspire you. Select soft shades of grey to ensure that other pieces of furniture would stand out.

Choosing Dulux paint colours for the living room is a great choice and will add a more professional look to it. If you have decided to paint your living room here is the post to the cheapest place to buy Dulux paint.

2. Add some shiny metallic features

Silver, copper or even gold accessories are a beautiful addition to your living room. A great addition are lampshades, vases, coffee tables, statues, and other accessories.

Here are some living room metallic accessories ideas to consider.

3. Treat your feet and floor with a cosy rug

Grey is easily blendable with other shades, and it will make your grey living room even more fashionable. You might want to consider experimenting with some cooler tones.

4. Add some cool tones to your grey living room wall.

Your wall will look stunning with some wall art. So why not put some paintings to add character to your living room. It can be abstract art or photographic paintings, it all depends on your furniture. You should always imagine and visualise how it will look on your wall. Ask yourself a question, will it fit in the overall theme?

5. Grey and mustard will add warmth to your room

You should try and pair some yellow elements like pillows and throws to fit in with your grey and yellow living room. This should warm up your living room and make it a perfect place for guests and cuddles! 


6. Achieve contemporary style with toned grey and green

This living room has a nice touch of green just enough to make it very appealing.

If you have plenty of sunshine in the room, it will create a unique vibe for your grey living room. Just choose some great looking plants. For example, you can put a Japanese bonsai tree that will look amazing with your green and grey living room.

7. Decide on best grey living room furniture

Choose furniture that has an overall similar style. You can’t go wrong with elegant wooden shelves. These magnificent wooden pieces will enhance your look in the living room. It will be useful for storing some accessories and highlight some small art pieces. If you have already chosen metallic accessories, you know what to do.

Here are some wooden shelves that might be the right fit for your grey living room.

8. Marble, a luxurious grey living room addition

Marble is unique and has always been associated with extravagance and elegance. But why do we like marble so much? Is it the swirls? Or maybe its quality? Well for sure marble is a material like no other. If you don’t have a marble floor, get a marble table that will blend perfectly with your grey living room. Here are some best-rated examples you can select or if you are not satisfied, why not check out 11 marble tables for your living room.

“Durability of marble is very good, and if you look after it well, It may outlive all the other furniture pieces.”

9. Brighten up your living room the right way

It’s important to get the right lighting for your grey living room. There are really no rights and wrongs when choosing lights. You can have a ceiling or wall lighting, or any sort of lighting you prefer. A suggestion would be that lampshade colours should be of different tone from your background. Let’s say you have a white or light grey ceiling then you should choose dark grey lampshade. On the other hand, if your wall is dark, you should get bright-toned lighting. If you fancy standing light, you can select the same grey tones as your walls.

10. Don’t forget about the sofa!

Comfort and functionality are also important than just the looks, so why not choose a lovely sofabed to satisfy all your needs. Simply designed sofas will suit most styles of the living room. It stands great on its own but if you want you can add some throws and pillows too! If your walls are a darker shade of grey, you should get brighter sofas, but if your walls are lighter, of course, go with darker grey sofas. If you don’t have much space in your living room, why not look for slimline sofas.


11. Bonus: Small grey living room ideas

When your living room is not as large as you would like to, you have to use every bit of space you got! Although keep in mind cluttering your small grey room with too many items would be the wrong choice. Make good use of the walls and get some hanging shelves or baskets or perhaps some art to hang. Get a two-seater sofa and some armchairs and a coffee table. Also, a right sized rug that fits the room is definitely a plus.

So what do you think of these grey living room ideas? If you enjoyed this article please make sure to share and like. Make sure you try some of them and make your home more fabulous! 





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