L iving room metallic accessories may just be the answer if you have feel like something is missing in your living room. These accessories can easily improve the room. The right metallic accessory can definitely brighten up your living room plus, most of them are quite useful too! Have a look at our 8 wonderful contenders as they might well be the missing pieces to complete the look.

1. Modern Metallic Round Wall Clock

living room metallic accessories
living room metallic accessories

Every living room needs a clock. Our featured clock is round, simple in design and made with quality sturdy electroplated frame. It has large easy to read numbers on the dial with metal hands. Aside from looking great, the clock is also equipped with silent quartz movement without the constant ticking.

This modern rose gold clock would suit your living room if your room is more on the lighter side if the room is darker, then the silver clock option is more appropriate.

2. Hanging Metallic Wall Planter Vase

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 1

Nothing screams modern and elegant more than a geometric designed rose gold hanging metallic planter vase. These sophisticated wall accessories are quite creative ways to incorporate natural greenery to freshen up the room but still maintaining that chic look.

The wall vessels comes in pair and are made of quality copper metal wire with inner concrete coloured resin which holds any plants of choice. They are quite lightweight which means they are virtually suitable for any type of wall. Very easy to install with straightforward instructions plus attractive screw caps are included!

3. White Gold Geometric Table Lampshade

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 2

Who says lampshades are only suitable for bedrooms? The perfect lamp could brighten up the room and come in handy at times when you prefer a dimly lit room when watching late night netflix or perhaps when reading a book with your cup of tea.

Introducing this white gold geometric style lamp which is just so elegant and can easily fit any room whatever your chosen colour theme is. This little gem measures only 25CM diameter which means it can easily fit even the smallest sized living rooms. This is our favorite metallic accessory just because it is so unusual to see that kind of table lamp.

4. Frameless Large Metallic Wall Mirror

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 3

Having a mirror in the living room is always a plus especially if your room is on the small side as mirrors makes the space look big. This stylish frameless large metallic wall mirror is a great choice to lighten up and expand your living room.

When we say large, we mean humongous! The metallic mirror is practically full door sized that can be displayed portrait or landscape on the wall or simply leant against it. It is definitely a big piece of accessory but it doesn’t take much space but instead creates more!

5. Metallic Handmade Floating Wall Shelves

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 4

If you have chosen simple wallpaper or plain colour paint for your walls and feel like its just not enough, perhaps these metallic handmade floating wall shelves can make a difference. These wall accessories are made with metal and handmade wood which will definitely make your walls more interesting.

These grey and black small metallic floating shelves are quite simple in design and fits in any setting which will not ruin your chosen theme. You get to choose small decorations to feature such as collectibles, small plants or any ornaments of your choice as well.

6. Rustic Style Metallic Bull Sculpture

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 5

If you are looking for living room metallic accessories that will make an impact in the room, this feature is a great choice. Have this rustic style metallic bull sculpture as a nice centrepiece which can sit perfectly on your coffee table, as a fireplace topper, on the window sill or any space where you think needs a metallic accent.

This unique handmade statue will blend nicely with your grey living room or any room with natural subdued colours.

7. Metallic World Map Wall Art

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 6

Anyone who loves traveling and geography will fall in love with this modern geometric metallic world map wall art. It is made of durable quality black steel metal material that can be easily fixed to any wall.

It is quite lovely on its own and gives beautiful shadows when the room is dimly lit. The metal map can be a living room centerpiece, a pretty feature on the hallway or in the bedroom where you can even personalize it with photos of places you’ve been to.

8. Freestanding Metal Electric Stove Heater

8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 7

If you need a vintage classic touch to your home, this free-standing metal electric stove heater is a great piece to have. Although this heater has traditional design, it is fully electric, fireless, and truly a safe option which doesn’t produce smoke but still warms up the room.

This is one great living room metallic accessories choice if you wish to create a cosy feel to your room.

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8 Stunning Living Room Metallic Accessories that stands out 8


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